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ExperiCorps gifts first-ever donation to The Ronald McDonald House of Rochester

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – Tuesday morning The Ronald McDonald House of Rochester received the first-ever donation from the newly formed organization: ExperiCorps.

Rather than donating money or items, ExperiCorps partners with people (typically retirees) to channel their experience, networks, and knowledge towards business opportunities.

Those opportunities generate revenue streams for select charity organizations.

“We work for Preventice (Preventice Technologies). They give us a check and then we donate that to the Ronald McDonald House.” Said ExperiCorps board member Darryl Soile.

“Many retirees are good at problem solving and we all want to give back and we thought that this was a great way to leverage all of the training and skills we have developed over our careers.”

Soile says benefiting non-profits are chosen by the donors who are involved in the work along with board members of ExperiCorps.

“We think this is expandable to many many places, many many retirees, many many projects, many many nonprofits,” said Soile.

ExperiCorps works on a project-by-project basis.

Retirees can join ExperiCorps efforts by contacting Bob Ahmann at for the time being until ExperiCorps website/email is functioning.

KTTC Staff

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