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Rochester construction is on schedule despite rainy weather

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – This summer is almost 15 inches ahead of schedule in terms of precipitation, but Rochester Public Works says that is not having an effect on it’s construction deadlines.

The city is currently working on eight major projects, and although rain and other storms do cause delays, the city says it is right on schedule.

The construction on 18th Avenue NW is even set to be completed at the end of August.

The city says although weather is a big factor in reaching its deadlines, it isn’t the only thing that can delay a project.

“There’s a lot of factors that can contribute to delays and weather is one of them.. but availability of crews and getting contractors to all coordinate and some things have to happen in a certain order and there is different levels of priorities with projects so it all works its way through the order that projects are getting done.”  Said Public Works communications coordinator, Megan Moeller.

All but two projects are set to be completed by the end of the season, and the two that will go into next year were planned that way. Drivers will be able to drive through those projects in the winter.

Victoria Carra

Victoria Carra

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