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Iowa lawmakers tour renewable energy plants

MASON CITY, Iowa (KTTC) – Renewable energy creates jobs, supports rural communities and provides alternatives to conventional fossil fuels.

Today, state legislators in Iowa from both parties took part in a renewable energy industries tour across the state.

This morning in Mason City, they made stops at ethanol and biodiesel plants to learn more about the growing industries.

State legislators believe they can help spur the growth of clean energy in the state, especially when it comes to biodiesel.

“When new advancements happen in the industry, we want to be there as legislators to make sure that those opportunities are then opened for them to succeed in the state of Iowa,” said Sen. Amanda Ragan. “One is making it more accessible with blender pumps at the stations. The infrastructure that builds that is what we have been helpful with.”

Among those present were members of the Iowa Future Caucus, young legislators who believe in going across party lines to find solutions.

Sen. Ragan says this is the best approach to have and that eliminating divisiveness in the state legislature will lead to further progress in renewable energy fields.

Alex Tejada

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