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New Winona exhibit takes people back in time

WINONA, Minn. (KTTC) – The Winona County History Center is offering a look back at a snapshot in time – literally. It’s newest exhibit, :”Victorian Winona: Through the Lens of Charles Tenney” opened Wednesday.

Charles Tenney photo.They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

“It really give us a historical account of Winona during that time through imagery,” Winona County History Center Museum Educator Jennifer Weaver said.

If that’s the case, Charles Tenney, had a lot to say.

“Tenney was a local photographer in the last three decades of the 1800’s in Winona,” Weaver said. “Sort of Winona’s boom era. Fabulous buildings, amazing people building the city. So, its really a fabulous look back in time.”

Winona County History Center’s latest exhibit, depicts the “Victorian Winona.”Charles Tenney photo.

“We are really lucky to have those images survive,” Weaver said. “Its really cool to see how Winona has changed in the past 100 plus years. Its really amazing.”

A scenic Winona photographer herself, Kari Yearous says Tenney’s work hits home.

“I find his work impressive especially knowing the amount of tech knowledge and perseverance it would have taken that time,” Yearous said. “Its just very different from today and I find it really impressive and inspiring to know what a photographer went through in order to get their photographs.”

While much of the river town has changed, exhibit visitors can find similarities in the black and white portraits.

Kari Yearous photo book.“I think I see a building there that’s Winona State and and that’s all built up around there now,” Yearous said point to a photo. “The sugar loaf is one of the most well recognized features of Winona.”

Connecting the past, with the present.

“Tenny in his time decided to take picture of sugar loaf for his reasons and I decided to take a lot of pictures of sugar loaf for my reasons,” Yearous said. “And maybe some of those reasons are similar and maybe some of them are different and I think that’s what makes it interesting.”

The “Victorian Winona” exhibit will run until spring 2020.


Beret Leone

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