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Mayo Clinic receives visit from two congressmen

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – It seems that all eyes turn to the med city when it comes to medical innovation. The fact that Mayo Clinic has been named the best hospital in the nation for the fourth year in a row, prompted a visit from two congressmen Monday.

Representatives Jim Hagedorn and Steve Scalise – both Republicans – were in town to talk about medical innovation in Rochester.

Hagedorn represents Minnesota’s First Congressional District, while Scalise the current House Republican Whip, serves Louisiana. The two congressmen had a chance to tour Mayo facilities and speak with surgeons.

Mayo Clinic.“We’re really excited to have the Mayo Clinic, the finest institution of medicine in all the world, ranked number one as you know,” Representative Hagedorn said. “A lot of jobs are dependent on it. The quality of medicine is so important, people from all around the world come here and they are dependent on it as well. The whip, who has some personal experience dealing with injury and recovery, I thought this was a particularly good spot to tour state of the art medicine.”

What representative Hagedorn is referring to was a medical battle Scalise encountered not too long ago. He was shot while at a congressional baseball practice near the U.S. capitol about two years ago. While touring the hospital brings back memories of recovery, Scalise says visiting places like Mayo Clinic affirms the passage of the 21st century cures act a few years ago, which gives money to the National Institutes of Health.

“We just went and had a few of the doctors show us some of the facilities where they are showing wounded warriors how to walk again,” Representative Scalise said. “I can definitely can relate to after having nine surgeries and literally having to learn how to walk again. So, it brought back some memories, both good and bad but ultimately they were really important memories because that’s how I got better.”

he adds it was a treat to see first hand how mayo is pushing the cutting edge to help folks recover from injuries or things that weren’t treatable before.

While it wasn’t his first time in Minnesota, Scalise says it was his first time in the Med City.

Beret Leone

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