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Crews break ground at the Field of Dreams

DYERSVILLE, Iowa (KWWL) – Crews have begun to break ground for the new baseball field at the Field of Dreams movie site in Dubuque County.

Crews are clearing out land for the new field. The Field of Dreams will host the Yankees versus White Sox game next year.

Tucker La Belle, spokesman for the Field of Dreams, said it will combine the two worlds, the fantasy of the film and the reality of MLB.

“People think ‘Oh my gosh, here comes this cement hood that will take away from the beauty here.’ Not at all. It’s going to be temporary seating that’s going to up one day and down the next, as beautiful as possible,” La Belle said. “You keep the beauty here and you keep the beauty there, and they’re both great for baseball fans.”

The temporary field will hold about 8,000 guests and will be placed just outside of left field. The design of the field will honor Comiskey Park, the White Sox stadium.

However, La Belle said that they also plan to to preserve the authenticity of the movie.

“It’s going to be about 150-yards out. So there’s going to be nine-and-a-half-foot corn right here and you won’t even see that stadium,” La Belle said. “The presence will be here but let these things play off each other. Let baseball fans experience two new things.”

There is no estimated deadline for when the field will be completed. The big game will happen on August 13, 2020.

Photo by KWWL.

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