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Fantastic Friday weather

Our bright and mild weather spell continues today as we round out the workweek with more of the amazingly tranquil, comfortable weather we’ve enjoyed all week long. Aside from occasional batches of fair weather clouds, we’ll have bright sunshine through the day with high temperatures in the mid-70s with a slight southeast breeze.

It may sound too good to be true, but this fantastic weather continues through Saturday thanks to the very slow-moving area of high pressure that is drifting toward the Great Lakes. We’ll have mostly sunny skies through tomorrow with high temperatures again in the mid-70s and a fairly light southeast breeze.

We’ll have some subtle changes to our weather picture by Sunday as thin clouds will drift into the area ahead of a storm system that will be approaching from the west. There will be a chance for some isolated showers and perhaps a rumble of thunder late in the day and during the evening. High temperatures will be in the mid and upper 70s with a slightly gustier south breeze.

There will be a chance for scattered showers and thunderstorms through the day on Monday with occasional sunshine between those showers and high temperatures will be near the 80 degree mark.

A few isolated showers and thunderstorms will be possible for parts of Tuesday and possibly early next Wednesday in the wake of Monday’s storm system and its cold front. High temperatures will gradually cool down to the mid and then lower 70s and it looks like we’ll have abundant sunshine for the end of next week and possibly through Labor Day weekend as another large, slow-moving area of high pressure descends upon the Midwest.

Ted Schmidt

Morning and Noon Meteorologist

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