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Iowa senator makes stops in northern counties

FOREST CITY, Iowa (KTTC) – Iowa senator Joni Ernst is visiting all of her state’s 99 counties while Congress is on break.
The senator started the day in Humboldt and Palo Alto Counties at a round table meeting with farmers and a tour of an Esterville pharmacy before this afternoon’s town hall meeting at Waldorf University.
Citizens were able to ask questions and voice concerns. Many of the questions centered around prescription drug prices as well as the struggles facing farmers.
“I sat down with them this morning and they’re really feeling the pinch right now times are really tough and they feel is we can get this trade deal done with Mexico and Canada it gives them a little bit of hope and they can hang on a little bit longer,” said Ernst.

An EPA rule that exempts small oil refineries from using ethanol is hurting farmers production and was a topic of discussion.

The senator also spoke on student loan debt and the need for jobs in the technical field.

As far as healthcare, she hopes to protect those will preexisting conditions and keep medical costs downs but stressed that she believes the Affordable Care Act is not working. She is collaborating with fellow Congress members to find something to replace it.

Alex Tejada

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