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Minnesota has the strictest DUI laws

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – A new study out by Utah based personal injury law firm Siegfried & Jensen suggests Minnesota has the strictest DUI laws in country.

The study considered 21 different metrics in all. The metrics include, DUI crashes and arrests, jail time, fine, license suspensions and more. Each state is given a number out of 100. Minnesota came in 76.7 making the state of 10,000 lakes number one. Compared to other states, Minnesota also came in first for highest percentage of repeat DWI offenders. Other factors like penalties and fines also put the state at the top.

The most lenient state South Dakota coming in at 20 out of 100. Iowa came in at 59.3 out of 100.

In Minnesota, there are four different levels of DWI related charges, first degree and so on. Each has different penalties, and a driver faces an additional charge if they get more than one DWI in a ten year period.

Minnesota State Patrol Sergeant Troy Christianson

State Patrol Sergeant Troy Christianson said the first DWI arrest can cost a driver up to $10,000 in fines, court fees and the cost of getting your license back.

“Your gonna lose your drivers license for up to a year, but you’re gonna have an instant 90 day revocation of your drivers licence and than you’ll have a seven day permit on your first DWI offense and than after that you’re gonna have to go through getting an ignition interlock in your vehicle or you’re gonna have to establish a work permit to be able to drive during your work hours or business hours,” said Sgt. Christianson.

People on Minnesota roads can expect to see more law enforcement on the roads this Labor Day weekend. State Patrol statistics show there have been nearly four DWI arrests per hour over the holiday in recent years.

For more information on the study.

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