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Hold the beer: Rochester brewery temporarily stops selling alcohol

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) –  A Rochester brewery has temporarily stopped selling its alcohol, but it’s not due to low sales or a bad product.

Thesis Beer Project stopped selling its beer this past Monday because business was just too good!

The new Rochester hotspot opened Tuesday, August 13. During the first few days of business, they sold a lot of beer. According to owner, Adam Fredericksen, he sold around 1,000 pints Friday and 1,500 Saturday.

Because of the heavy foot traffic during opening week, Fredericksen has been using these last three days to get his supply back up to a healthy level before he starts to sell again.

Thesis Beer Project owner Adam Fredericksen

“Beer takes anywhere from two weeks to a month plus to ferment. In our case here, we made beer to get open and that beer is just about all gone. Our second round of beers take two to three weeks to be ready, and we haven’t been open for two to three weeks,” he said.

Fredericksen was faced with two options: 1) stay open with only one to two beers on tap when he normally has about six or 2) rush his product, which he said he would not do.

The brewery is obviously seeing some heavy foot traffic right now, which makes sense because it’s brand new. This same scenario could play out again in another week or two, at least Fredericksen thinks it will. However, once the “newness” of the brewery starts to wear off and the crowds die down, business should normalize, allowing the Fredericksen and his employees a chance to catch up.

The beer will start flowing once again on Thursday, August 29.

Shannon Rousseau

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