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Mayo Clinic in Florida to close until Thursday due to Hurricane Dorian

Mandatory evacuations due to Hurricane Dorian are causing the Mayo Clinic in Florida to close until Thursday.

Clinic and administrative areas will be closed on Tuesday and Wednesday, with the exception of critical services like chemotherapy and dialysis. That’s according to Mayo Clinic News Network.

The hospital remains open for now. The Employees of Mayo Clinic Facebook Page said that workers are being told to go home on Tuesday afternoon. That’s when the Planned Emergency Response Team (PERT) arrives at 4 p.m. Once the emergency response team arrives, normal workers will not be allowed on campus.

Emergency team members are being told to bring three days worth of food and drink, bedding supplies, and three changes of clothing.

Mayo expects to return to normal operations by Thursday but that could change as the storm progresses.


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Byron Tollefson

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