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Mayo patients helped by new volunteer-run service

AUSTIN, Minn. (KTTC) – Patients at Mayo Clinic Health System in Austin now have a new helping hand.

A temporary valet parking service started today to help people access the building.

This is due to some of the branch’s handicapped spots no longer being available due to on-going construction.

Patients have found handicapped spots close by the building hard to find.

To help with mobility issues, the service, run by volunteers, has been adopted after seeing success at other locations.

“So we have about a handful of volunteers who are helping with this service. They do it in four hour shifts, they split the day,” said Mayo Clinic Health System volunteer coordinator Kari Hall. “We’re still learning on how we’re going to build the process. So we might see if we have an influx of patients that are coming in the afternoon or in the mid-morning, we might need to have another volunteer come on to help. We’re always looking for more volunteers that might be willing to help with this service.”

The valet parking service will continue until construction is finished and the full complement of handicapped spots are once again available.

Construction is expected to be completed in 2020.

Alex Tejada

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