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Mayo Clinic in Florida closed until Thursday, planned emergency response team on duty

JACKSONVILLE, Fl. (KTTC) — The Mayo Clinic in Florida remains closed due to Hurricane Dorian. The hospital and emergency department are open, and emergency response team members are on duty awaiting any effects from the hurricane.

The Planned Emergency Response Team arrived on campus after 4 p.m. on Tuesday. Regular workers were told to go home.

Mayo is expected to reopen on Thursday. Employees are being told to come back to work then at their normal times.

In a Mayo Clinic News Network release, an emergency medicine physician at Mayo in Jacksonville gave tips on properly preparing for any type of storm.

Dr. Michael Boniface stressed that it’s important address any health concerns beforehand. He recommended putting a first-aid kit together with bandages, gauze and over-the-counter pain relievers. He suggested keeping at least three days worth of medication and having proper storage if it needs refrigeration.

If you use insulin pumps or oxygen tanks, Dr. Boniface said to keep extra batteries or have a backup power supply. The doctor also suggested keeping a list of health providers, phone numbers, medical records, health care directives and living wills.

Photo of the Planned Emergency Response Team, posted on the Employees of Mayo Clinic Facebook page.

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