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New program shows young adults what it takes to become a trooper

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) — Law Enforcement officers are of course very visible when they’re out doing their jobs on the streets, but those moments are just a small part of what their work days actually consist of. A new program is giving young adults the chance to find out what that job really takes.

It’s called the Minnesota State Patrol Explorer program, and that is exactly what they will be doing. The program allows 14-20 year old who are interested in Law Enforcement careers the opportunity to learn first-hand.

Every Wednesday night in Golden Valley explorers are taught how traffic stops are done, traffic crash reconstruction and firearms training.

This all in an effort to develop leadership skills, problem solving all while experiencing the law enforcement field.

Sergeant Troy Christianson says this is a great opportunity for young adults to figure out if law enforcement is the right career choice for them.

“This is a good way for kids to be able to determine if this is something that they would like to do the rest of their lives. That’s kind of the age group we start with and than it’ll introduce them to it and hopefully if they do like this then they can go to college, be prepared to be a state trooper,” Sgt. Christianson said.

Not only are the explorers learning different skills they also are preparing for a competition in April among all explorer programs across the various law enforcement agencies in Minnesota.

For more information on how to join, click here.

Ubah Ali

Ubah Ali

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