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Brewery creates beer to fundraise for dual lung transplant

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – This IPA is offering a lot more than just hop.

“This is a perfect chance for us to help by doing what we do,” Forager Assistant Brewer Theodore Gedicke said.

It’s also offering 8-year-old Marcus Tolbert a new chance at life.

“Marcus was not in a good place at birth, you know, it was something more than than pneumonia,” Marcus’s father Jack Lester said.

Living with Surfactant C Deficiency, Marcus is in dire need of a dual lung transplant.

“You try not to think about financials,” Lester said. “You try not to think about the bills piling up, but its inevitable to do so.”

So, Forager Brewery is helping out.

“IPAs are a really popular beer and people are always looking for the next thing,” Gedicke said.

Thirsty lungs.A brew just for Marcus – appropriately naming it “Thirsty Lungs.”

“It sold out really, really quick, probably the fastest I’ve seen a beer go,” Forager bartender Justin Ulrich said.

So fast, that all 190 gallons of it ran out on Saturday.

“He asks all of the nurses or doctors when they come in if they want to drink his beer because one sits in his room,” Lester laughed.

Proceeds made from the drink go toward efforts its through Marcus’s Children’s Organ Transplant Association page.

“It’s bringing us together where we might not overlap,” Gedicke said.

Starting a ripple effect around town.

“Without that support it would be nearly impossible to get through each day,” Lester added.

All with a goal to bring Marcus back home.

“We just want to go home,” Lester said.

Marcus will officially be added to the transplant list on Sept. 28. Until then, he waits in Houston, Texas with his family, home to one of the best lung transplant hospitals in the world – Texas Children’s Hospital.

Along with Forager, you can find COTA donation boxes scattered around the Rocehster area. Other local businesses like Pasquale’s Neighborhood Pizzeria, JMEG Photography and Zumbrota Ford to name a few.

On Oct. 6,  “A Miracle For Marcus” fundraiser will be held at The Castle  in Rochester.


Beret Leone

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