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UPDATE: Homeowner reacts to truck crash damage

ZUMBROTA, Minn. (KTTC) – A devastating loss for a Zumbrota couple Monday morning, after a driver of a pick up truck crashed into their home.

The truck smashed into the home of Dennis L. Stromback Sr. at 1 a.m. While neither Stromback or his wife were home at the time of the crash, he returned home Monday morning to a desolating scene of scattered glass and memorabilia.

“I came home and this is what I found,” Stromback Sr. said.

Stromback Sr. says it was nearly 3 o’clock in the morning, when he was woken up by a phone call from Zumbrota Police.

“Very heartbreaking. Finding stuff. Sons college degrees scattered all over, in fact I haven’t found that yet, not even supposed to be in the house,” Stromback Sr. said.

Neighbor Tawny Perret lives across the street. She was the one to call 911.

“My husband and I were sound asleep, we heard a big crash, woke up, looked out the window,” Perret said. “And noticed tail lights outside the neighbors house. My first thought was are the Strombacks home?”

Perret soon learned no one was inside.

“The wife and I were both gone in Rochester, taking care of grand kids,” Stromback Sr. said.

But the damage? Extensive.

“Ran through two lawns here, through the retaining wall, pushed my motorcycle into the house, took out the corner, there’s glass all the way through the house,” Stromback Sr. said. “I would venture to say 70-80 thousand dollars in damage.”

“Found out later he hit some stuff down the street,” Perret added. “A garbage can that got shredded to pieces.”

Despite a bleak situation, Stromback Sr. remains upbeat.

“Always got to think of something positive or something funny out of it,” Stromback Sr. said.

He adds that on a day that brought so much heartbreak, he and his wife made new friends.

“One thing is, we made new friends here,” Stromback Sr. “Oh yeah, those people we were talking to over there we didn’t know them people.”

His community, ready to pick up the pieces with them.

“We’re like a big family, honestly,” Perret said. “People are super eager to help.”

Stromback Sr. had plans to meet with insurances agents Monday.

The driver of the pick up truck was air lifted to Mayo Clinic St. Mary’s. At this point, the extent of his injuries is not known. The crash is still under investigation.


KTTC Staff

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