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Haunted Mantorville opera house welcomes paranormal investigators

MANTORVILLE, Minn. (KTTC) – This was a spooky weekend for thrill seekers. Yesterday was National Ghost Hunting Day.

To celebrate the occasion, the Mantorville Opera House hosted the After Hours Paranormal Investigations team to show evidence from 12 years of ghost hunting.

When Hawk Horvath began ghost hunting there were not many tools for the trade. However, today she utilizes meters, sensors, trigger objects that can help pick up paranormal activity.

You can also find Horvath on the Rochester Haunted Trolley. She has investigated places not only in Minnesota but all across the country and as far as Ireland.

“I’ve pastored churches for over 20 years and I’m always looking for signs of the afterlife,” said Horvath. “I’m a believer in it but I like evidence.”

Mantorville is a town that has provided her with that evidence.

“I believe that Mantorville is probably the most likely the most haunted town in Minnesota,” Horvath said. “I’ve investigated the opera house almost 30 times.”

Not just the opera house but many buildings in town have signs of haunting. There are a few reasons for why she says the town is crawling with spirits.

“It’s believed that limestone and running water attract ghosts and we have both here in Mantorville plus some really great old buildings,” explained Horvath.

Jane Olive of the Mantorville Restoration Association says that theater performers have been noticing a presence in the opera house for decades.

“They have deemed her Ellen and they got that from a Ouija board they did back in the 1970’s,” said Olive.

And it continues to this day.

“They can still hear her periodically swishing around and she will move props in the backstage,” Olive said.

“The last time we were here in February we caught a rhythmic knocking downstairs,” Horvath recalls. “It’s believed that the opera house was used as a speakeasy. We’re wondering if we picked up on the secret knock to get in the backdoor.”

So the next time you find yourself in the seemingly quiet town in Dodge County, you might realize you’re not alone.

Alex Tejada

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