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Athlete of the Week – Isaac Stoesz, Randolph Wide Receiver

RANDOLPH, Minn. (KTTC) — Coming off their most disappointing game of the season against Blooming Prairie, the Randolph Rockets rallied in a big way on Friday, behind an all-time great performance.

The Minnesota record books will have a new name etched in thanks to Friday’s performance from Randolph Wide Receiver, Isaac Stoesz.

“I knew it was going to be a good game,” said Stoesz.

Against Medford, Stoesz hauled in 9 catches for 309 yards and 4 TDs. Those 309 yards are good for the second most in a single game in Minnesota High School Football history.

“That was awesome, nobody could guard me I felt like,” continued Stoesz.

It all started on the very first play of the night, when Rockets Head Coach Mike Schmidt dialed up Stoesz’s number on a slant route that resulted in an 80-yard house call.

“Yeah, we talked about that before the game, he said that the first play was going to be a slant and that it was going to be a big play if ran right, and it was,” explained Stoesz.

“Kind of knew right from then you knew, okay, tonight’s going to be a special night for him,” said Schmidt.

A special night that saw Randolph take down the Medford Tigers 41-7, in what Schmidt called their most complete game of the season.

“We know Isaac can have a game like that, you know maybe don’t expect 300 yards necessarily, but he’s always due for a game like that. We didn’t necessarily gameplan for him to have a game like that, but the opportunities were provided and our quarterback Nick did a good job getting the ball in his hands,” explained Schmidt.

Stoesz now has 30 catches, 771 yards and 9 TDs for the 5-1 Rockets and Friday’s performance quickly made him the talk of the town.

“I got like five people at least right when I walked into school saying ‘good game’ and that felt pretty good,” said Stoesz.

He says he’s not just a one hit wonder either.

“Hopefully I have more games like this, planning on it. I was expecting for a game like this to happen. I want to break records,” continued Stoesz.

Randolph Rockets Wide Receiver Isaac Stoesz is this week’s KTTC Athlete of the Week.

Holden Krusemark

Holden Krusemark

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