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Southern Minnesota town gets spooky for Halloween season thanks to renowned attraction

Harmony, Minn. (KTTC) – Today in Fillmore County, visitors enjoyed Haunted Harmony, a fun day of Halloween fun and family friendly activities including trick-or-treating and costume contests.

However, the highlight of the town’s Halloween season is the Monster Bash Haunted House, which has been recognized the past two year’s as the scariest attraction in the state by a Minnesota haunted houses website.

When it started in 2012, the haunted house had to use the old elementary school’s gym. Since then, they have found a new location and new opportunities.

“We’ve been able to expand what we’ve been able to do and continue to do different haunted houses with a different theme and different layouts,” said Bryan Berg, Monster Bash Haunted House vice-president.

And if you’ve already been to the attraction, this year presents all new frights.

“The whole idea is that they’re going to do a sleep study but it goes horribly wrong,” Berg said. “It’s basically one nightmare after another until they finally reach the end and wake up.”

The many different rooms and actors that make up the attraction are thanks to the help of community volunteers.

“A lot of time goes into it and hopefully people will really appreciate it,” said Berg. “Over the years, people have given us a lot of applause for the kind of details that we’ve had.”

If you want to come to the haunted house just to have a good time and not be terrified, they provide glow sticks so the actors know not to scare you.

“I don’t like jump scares. I went through it last year with a glow stick,” said actor Ian Young. “I like scaring people, I don’t like getting scared myself.”

So what do they think they think scariest part is?

“The outdoor room with all the trees because it’s so dark and closed in on either side,” Young said. “They’re so close to you.”

“The clown room is probably the worst one. If they’re going all out what they normally do, I think that’s the one that would freak me out the most,” said Berg.

“The clown room is kinda iffy for me too,” agreed Young. “I much prefer being in the costume.”

Despite the hours of hard work put into the creation of the haunted house, the end result makes it worth the effort.

“Ultimately, I think the hardest part is ending each season because it seems like it’s more and more fun and enjoyable each year,” Berg concluded.

The Monster Bash Haunted House is open Thursdays through Sundays as well as Halloween night.

Alex Tejada

Alex Tejada

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