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Heavy, consistent rainfall impacts corn and soybean harvests

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) — We’ve seen quite the variety of fall weather so far; especially rain, making it especially troubling for farmers across Southeastern Minnesota, as they try to harvest.

2019 is already the wettest year on record in Rochester. 5.36″ of rain has fallen since September 23, which was the first day of fall.

KTTC took a trip to a grain elevator in Goodhue Monday to talk to agriculture experts about how this is impacting their corn and soybean harvests.

Right now, the corn harvest is about three weeks late. When heavy rain hits, those fields can have sitting water for days. Farmers are hoping for a dry period of weather to finish the corn and soybean harvests.

“It’d be great to get a couple-week window to get this done,” said Grain Specialist Ridge Erdmann. “Because not only can they get the crop out, then they can take bedding off the field, if they need to spread manure, if they also need to do fall silage in order to prepare it for next spring to plant again.”

Erdmann says if you bring heavy equipment on a wet field, it could take up to 20 years to repair that soil damage — so the only option is to wait.

Maddy Wierus

Maddy Wierus

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