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Mayo Clinic brings Halloween to young patients

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) — From princesses and superheroes to ghosts and goblins, trick-or-treaters are roaming the streets hunting for candy.

But children who are hospitalized or undergoing surgery often don’t get the chance to celebrate.
That’s why the Mayo Clinic staff are lining the halls with spooky visitors, bringing the holiday straight to the kids.

Hospital staff handed out candy, toys, and prizes bringing big smiles to patients and their families.

“It’s the best day that I’ve had here because it’s more excitement and stuff that’s happened because it gets really boring around here quickly,” said a Mayo Clinic Children’s Center patient.

Her mother added, “It’s the most I’ve heard her laugh since she’s been here. We’ve been here a couple of weeks.”

KTTC Staff

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