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Mayo Clinic patient crochets scarves for the homeless while awaiting heart transplant

ROCHESTER, Minn. (FOX 47) — During these dangerously cold temperatures, one Mayo Clinic patient is warming the spirits of the less fortunate.

35 year-old Elizabeth Sammons has been a patient for more than four months, waiting for a second heart transplant and a new kidney. She’s been spending that time crocheting scarves for the homeless.

Last year, she gave away 550 hats and scarves that were made by her online group, Crocheting with a Cause, which includes 200 crafters across the country.

Monday afternoon, Sammons gave away more than 25 handmade scarves to the needy ⁠— while sharing her gratitude for the care she is being given.

“Even in our time of trouble, the Lord helps us so we can help other people. That’s my basis on it,” said Mayo Clinic patient and crocheter Elizabeth Sammons. “Because He’s blessed us a lot in this time, so I feel fortunate that I have a gift that I can use to bless other people.”

The recipients of the scarves are served by Union Gospel Mission in the Twin Cities.

Sammons also stressed the importance of organ donation, so those who are awaiting a life saving transplant have a better chance of surviving.

Maddy Wierus

Maddy Wierus

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