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Land O’Lakes reacts to Dean Foods bankruptcy filing

PINE ISLAND, Minn. (KTTC) — Land O’Lakes is reacting to Tuesday’s announcement that Dean Foods is seeking Chapter 11 Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection.

It has a business relationship with Dean and released a statement to KTTC Tuesday afternoon.

On November 12, we were made aware that Dean Foods Company and its related companies filed a Chapter 11 Petition for Voluntary Reorganization in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Texas. Dean Foods Company does not own Land O’Lakes, Inc, nor does Land O’Lakes have any ownership interest in Dean Foods or its related companies. We do have a milk supply and licensing relationship with Deans and will monitor the restructuring process to determine any impact. As a farmer-owned cooperative,

Land O’Lakes, Inc.’s primary focus is on our members and dairy farmers across the country. We are working with strategic industry partners to evaluate all milk supply and manufacturing options to optimize efficiencies, minimize impacts to our members and the continue to support the dairy industry.

The Dean Foods announcement comes a little after AMPI, a longtime milk producer in Rochester, shut down its cheese processing plant, cutting 75 jobs.

KTTC Staff

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