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Researchers study dangerous intersections on Highway 14

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) — It’s a divided highway that can be tricky to drive on, especially if you’re trying to cross north or south on Highway 14.

Another crash on Highway 14 Thursday morning is emphasizing how notorious the stretch of highway from Rochester to Kasson has become. Nobody in Thursday’s crash at the intersection of County Road 104 was hurt, but many others have been.

Highway 14 commuter Liz Wetzel

Liz Wetzel’s daily commute includes crossing the intersection. Having been in a crash there herself, she thinks it needs a safety upgrade.

Wetzel said she does not think it’s a safe intersection.

“I’ve seen too many accidents up here,” Wetzel said.
She suggests more can be done.

“Something to make some traffic stop you know, I definitely think a light or something thats better than what they currently have,” Wetzel said.

Minnesota Department of Transportation Mike Dougherty

Mike Dougherty with the Minnesota Department of Transportation said several state and local agencies are recognizing the increased traffic on 14.

“It’s busy right now,” he said. “It gets busier in the mornings and again the commuting times after work, just trying look at how can we improve safety for people, how can we help them make better decisions.”

There is a study in the works that’s taking a closer look at several intersections between Rochester and Kasson.

“Often the challenges are when they try to cross all four lanes of traffic to continue,” Dougherty said. “We want to make sure that we have a good plan that sets forth what needs to happen long term as well as short term.”

One long term solution for the County Road 104 intersection is an upgrade that won’t come cheap.

“Everything in the world costs money. What is that solution and cost and where will that funding come from?” Dougherty said. An interchange in that area could cost millions of dollars.

In the meantime drivers can be proactive.

“Be patient. Take your time. It’s not worth you know crossing the road just to make a trip five minutes shorter,” Wetzel said.

“That’s a part of driving is we all rely on people to make good decisions, make safe decisions,” Dougherty added.

Down below Dougherty explains how to safely cross a divided highway.

Ubah Ali

Ubah Ali

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