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Video: Ice-trapped loon rescued from northern Wisconsin lake

(WKOW) — A northern Wisconsin couple who specializes in rescuing loons pulled their third loon of the season from the frozen waters of a northern Wisconsin lake on Wednesday.

An early freeze has made it treacherous for loons, according to the Raptor Education Group, a nonprofit near Wausau.

Kevin and Linda Grenzer say the juvenile loon was freezing in a 10-by-20-foot opening of water, in a Facebook post.

Linda Grenser safely scooted out to the loon in a modified Jon boat while Kevin Grenzer safely fed her out a rope from shore.

Once captured, Linda Grenzer was pulled back to the shore with the loon. It currently is recovering at the Raptor Education Group.

According to the Raptor Education Group, this is the third rescued loon they have taken this week.

Loons that become iced often suffer from situations that have caused them to be unable to migrate.

Some have lead poisoning, others are entangled in fishing line or lures. The Raptor Education Group even has had loons that were shot. While their injuries were recoverable, they needed more time, when the lakes began to freeze over.

The organization warns people to not try loon rescues themselves.


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