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Winter Survival Kit: Is your car ready?

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) — The cold weather is here and that means heavy snow isn’t far behind. The Minnesota state patrol has a list of must-have items in your car.

KTTC’s Linda Ha talked to some people in Rochester and asked if they have everything they need before a winter storm hits.

1: Bag of abrasive material like sand or salt
2: Snow shovel
3: Flashlight with extra batteries
4: Window washer solvent
5: Ice scraper with brush
6: Cloth or roll of paper towels
7: Jumper cables
8: Tow chain or rope
9: Extra warm clothing
10: Blankets
11: Warning devices such as flares or triangles
12: Drinking water
13: Non-perishable snacks
14: First-aid kit
15: Basic toolkit
16: Mobile phone and car charger


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