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Dogs found emaciated in a field are thriving in new homes

(KTTC) — Two emaciated dogs recently dropped off in the middle of a farm field near Rochester are now doing better, thanks to some caring people.

It’s been two weeks since they’ve been in good hands. They’ve gained weight and found forever homes. No one knows who Benjamin and Short Stack belonged to our how long they’d been suffering.

Johnny Akzam adopted Benjamin from Camp Companion, a non-profit organization helping animals find forever homes.

“The possibilities of what could of happened to them were endless,” Akzam said. “He’s fit into the family perfectly, he’s starting to show more life more spirit playing around with our other dog.”

Executive Director of Camp Companion Michelle Quandt is taking care of Short Stack ahead of being adopted.

“We’re just starting to get the healthy him which is great because he is really starting to have a lot more fun in life being healthy,” Quandt said.

She wants to remind people of a valuable lesson, if you cannot care for your animal anymore, there is help.

“If you are in a position where you cannot care for your pet then please contact one of the animal organizations in our community so that we can all work together to try to find a safe venue for that animal,” Quandt said adding, “They deserve love and they deserve a lifetime commitment.”

Camp Companion’s goal is to prevent future generations of homeless animals.

It runs fully on donations and on “Give to the Max Day” Thursday, generated more than $20,000 in donations that will go towards future animal care like “Benji” and “Shorty” received.

Ubah Ali

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