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Iowa woman appeals conviction in animal neglect case

NORTHWOOD, Iowa (KTTC) – A north Iowa dog breeder convicted of animal neglect in October is appealing her conviction.

Barbara Kavars of Manly was given a probation sentence late last month.

A raid on her dog breeding operation in November of 2018 found more than 150 dogs living in inadequate conditions.

The dogs were found in dilapidated kennels with a mixture of mud and animal waste covering the walls. Many had matted and discovered fur and did not have food and water available. Fourteen of them were in poor condition, malnourished and with wounds or other untreated conditions. One dog had to be euthanized due to an untreated injury.

Jurors found her guilty on Oct. 18.

Samoyed dogs

Worth County court records indicate the 66-year-old was sentenced to two years probation.

Kavars was given a suspended 420 days in jail and fined $65 on each of 14 counts of animal neglect.

Kavars was also prohibited from owning and breeding any dogs but was allowed to have one cat.


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