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Olmsted County Victim Services react to hundreds of untested Minneapolis rape kits

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) – A new revelation out of the city of Minneapolis Friday – raising concerns here at home.

The city announced it has more than 1,700 untested sexual assault kits, skyrocketing the number from a previous report in 2015.

Officials say these rape kits are currently sitting in property evidence rooms – some are 30 years old.

The Minneapolis Mayor and Police Chief made the announcement Friday morning. The number of untested kits is nearly 9 times more than what officials reported just four years ago, when the legislature mandated untested rape kits be counted.

In Olmsted County – Alison Otte at Victim Services says there is a protocol to process rape kits in an effective manner. She adds officials assisting victims after a sexual assault are instructed to offer several options – including rape kits – and let the victim decide the next move.

“It’s hard for me to speak to the situation in Minneapolis situation, not knowing the individual cases, but I think if somebody had an expectation that a kit was going to be processed and that was conveyed to them, it would certainly be an injustice,” Otto said.

Also of note – charges might not be an option for some of the older sexual assault cases. According to the Statute of Limitations for Criminal Sexual Conduct – depending on the charge degree, an adult must file a complaint within 9 years for the most serious offenses.

Beret Leone

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