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Iowa’s Ride 2020 route announced

(KTTC) — Despite the frigid temperatures outside, it’s apparently not too early for some to be thinking about riding a bike across Iowa next summer.

Iowa’s Ride announced the route for its inaugural event in 2020. The route runs about 416 miles across the northern part of the state from Dubuque to Rock Rapids beginning on July 12. The full schedule with “feet of climb” (FOC) is listed below.

Sunday, 7/12 Dubuque to Monticello (48 Miles/2,174 FOC)
Monday, 7/13 Monticello to Vinton (50 Miles/1,698 FOC)
Tuesday, 7/14 Vinton to Eldora (68 Miles/1,798 FOC)
Wednesday, 7/15 Eldora to Clarion (64 Miles/1,471 FOC)
Thursday, 7/16 Clarion to Emmetsburg (75 Miles/999 FOC)
Friday, 7/17 Emmetsburg to Sheldon (78 Miles/1,730 FOC)
Saturday, 7/18 Sheldon to Rock Rapids (33 Miles/779 FOC)

More information, including how to register, can be found here.

Organizers created Iowa’s Ride following a dispute with the Des Moines Register publishers over concerns about reporting on Carson King’s social media posts from several years ago.

KTTC Staff

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