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Minnesota State Patrol reminds drivers of “Move Over” law

Minnesota State Patrol vehicle damaged after crash

DULUTH, Minn. (KBJR) -- Two Minnesota State Patrol Officers narrowly avoided disaster this week while responding to crashes on Sunday night.

What seemed like a normal day on patrol, nearly turned deadly for 20 year Minnesota State Trooper Mark McGrew.

"I looked up and all I could see was headlights coming," McGrew said.

Trooper McGrew was investigating a crash on I-35 Sunday night when he was nearly hit by a vehicle.

"It hit the back of my car and then the car careened into the center median," McGrew added.

In total two MSP patrol vehicles were hit on I-35 Sunday.

36 statewide so far this year according to Sgt. Neil Dickenson.

"Just the month of February, for instance, there were 19 of those 36 were struck," Dickenson said.

Because of the increase of hit patrol vehicles, the MSP wants to remind the community of the "Move Over" law, something that is especially important during the winter.

Trooper Sean Hollencamp explains what drivers should do if they see a patrol car on the road.

"As soon as you see us just kind of slow down don't slam on your breaks. That is what sort of typically causes you to lose control. Just pass by us nice and slow and pay attention to everything going on around you," Dickenson said.

Paying attention is something all drivers should do to make sure everyone is safe.

"Heed weather alerts and warnings MnDOT might put out as far as road conditions and be attentive to what is going on around them as far as the road goes," McGrew said.


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