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Daley Farm of Lewiston responds after major expansion delayed further

Cows at Daley dairy farm

LEWISTON, Minn. (KTTC) -- A Winona County dairy farm is speaking out after another delay to their expansion plan.

The Daley Farm near Lewiston has been issued a permit by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency to expand from 1,500 to 3,000 cows.

However, that expansion was put on hold in October after a decision by the Minnesota Court of Appeals. Now, another delay.

The Minnesota Court of Appeals sent the project back to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency for a second 30-day public comment period.

That second comment period is to address some comments by residents over potential greenhouse gas emissions.

"If the MPCA is intent on moving forward with the process it announced today, we hope that the Agency continues to consider a fair and balanced analysis of the total impact, if any, of our project," said Ben Daley, in a news release.

The MPCA did find the expansion would be safe for groundwater, air quality and odor, but neglected to address emissions.

"I urge the MPCA to consider the benefits that our project will provide for the environment and the reality of the situation in our area in preparing its analysis," Daley said.


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