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Underdog Democratic candidate promises economic change for America during Iowa tour

Andrew Yang

FOREST CITY, Iowa (KTTC) - While he may be seen as an outsider for the Democratic Presidential Nomination, candidate Andrew Yang continued his campaign across northern Iowa today.

Tuesday afternoon, Yang held a town hall in Forest City on the campus of Waldorf University.

"I'm laser focused on the problems that got Donald Trump elected including the fact that we blasted away 40,000 manufacturing jobs in Iowa," said Yang. "These problems don't have a political party. This is just economics and technology."

Yang says while stats may indicate the economy is improving, many Americans are suffering due to the number of jobs lost to automation. He also sees a bleak outlook for college students.

"I think we need to do much better for our young people," Yang said. "Things aren't being set up for you to succeed. You're graduating with record high levels or debt, the job prospects are more uncertain than ever."

Yang believes Iowa could swing Democratic this year because of another group of struggling Americans -- farmers.

"Well I've talked to many Iowa farmers who felt very badly misled by the President because the trade war and the tariffs ended up hurting them directly," said the entrepreneur.

During his town hall, Andrew Yang cited that 18 percent of college Republicans would prefer to vote for him over Donald Trump, so what about the students here at Waldorf University?"

"Open minded really. I haven't really made my decision," said student Xavier Patterson. "Of course I'm willing to listen, see what he brings to the table and do my own considerations."

"I really like how he has a vision for the future and he's really smart," said supporter Logan Beach.

"Going into the workforce pretty soon in my life, I want to be sure I can be supported in my work and pay bills," said student Xander Smith.

Yang plans to help Americans pay those bills with a monthly dividend of a thousand dollars, a form of universal basic income.

"That was kind of the initial catch. That's the thing for a lot of people," said supporter Jessica Martin. "But after hearing what else he wants to do and how he's so personable, I'm still for him."

Yang continued his events Tuesday evening with stops in Northwood and Mason City. Wednesday, he will be at Limestone Brewers in Osage.

Alex Tejada

Alex Tejada

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