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Rochester utilities want your holiday lights for recycling

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- Rochester Public Utilities is encouraging those who have old holiday lights to recycle them at RPU.

"So people are able to bring in their old holiday lights, the lights that they don't use any more. Often times their not energy efficient and they can bring them in here, and we'll recycle them with a local recycler," said Tony Benson, Rochester Public Utilities.

The initiative began in 2011, and since then residents have brought in more than 17,000 pounds of lights. Last year RPU received 3,000 pounds.

The RPU service center has four grey buckets residents can dump their lights in.

Benson said your old lights have use even after they stop working.

"There are many components to holiday lights actually, that can be recycled and reused which is great. So, that's why we work with a local recycler that knows what components can be recycled and they take it."

Benson wants to encourage people to be energy efficient, and avoid adding to landfills.

"Another big part that we offer the recycling is that we want people use the LED lights today, which are energy efficient. The old ones, incandescent bulbs are not energy efficient," Benson said.

Rochester Public Utilities is accepted holiday lights until Jan. 31.

KaMaria Braye

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