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Biden steps up Iowa campaign ahead of caucus

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Biden takes question from audience

MASON CITY, Iowa (KTTC) - With only 12 days until the Iowa Caucuses, Democratic presidential candidates are increasing efforts to reach voters across the state. Joe Biden returned to Cerro Gordo County on Wednesday to speak at the North Iowa Event Center in Mason City.

'The best person to beat Donald Trump in 2020 is Joe Biden,' was the message from the former vice-president's supporters.

And candidate Biden wasted no time laying into the president.

"It's about his failures as President of the United States on a policy basis," said the Pennsylvania native. "It's about the terrible position he's put us in internationally, what he's done to the middle class, how he's divided the country in ways no president has."

Biden touched on several issues at Tuesday's event: addressing climate change, improving education and rebuilding a diverse middle class.

"Make sure that everyone is brought along, regardless of their race, ethnicity, gender or disabilities," said Biden.

He cited his political experience as why he is the best choice for the Democratic party.

"Everybody running this time out has big plans, big ideas," Biden said. "But they don't mean much unless you can make them work."

In an attempt to gain more voters in The Hawkeye State, the Biden camp has set up 27 campaign offices across Iowa including this one on Mason City's South Broadway Avenue. However, many residents in the area are already on board with the former Vice-President's plan for the country.

"I think he doesn't only care about the states, he cares about people individually too and that's what really counts and the issues that matter to everybody," said supporter Kirk Schriver.

"I'm more convinced on him," said Clear Lake resident Duane Jurgemeyer. "I enjoyed his comments about increasing funding for education."

Pennsylvania Congressman Conor Lamb is supporting Biden's White House bid.

"I think he's the trusted choice," the representative said. "He has given his entire career to public service, to fighting for people in the working and middle class and putting them first."

But for Iowa Democrats, it's about a candidate who can turn the state from red to blue in this year's election.

"One that can win," emphasized Jurgemeyer.

Biden continued his day in north Iowa with an afternoon visit to Osage's VFW. His wife, Jill, has been campaigning in the state throughout the week as well.

Alex Tejada

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