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UPDATE: company reaches out to drivers from metal scrap damage

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- Last week multiple drivers complained of metal scraps damaging their tires, and costing them hundreds of dollars in repairs and replacements.

Among those drivers, was Leslie Schueller, who told us she spent $650 after needing all four tires replaced. She was told by someone that she could get her money back.

"Another person that had the same incident happen, said they actually got reimbursed for their two tires. And for the towing involved with that. So, I reached out and was able to get in contact with Alter Trading, which is a scrap metal recycling company that is working on reimbursing all of us, for our tires and the issues that have happened in the past week so that's great," she said.

On Monday, the Regional Marketing Manager from Alter Trading Corporation commented on the KTTC's Facebook post from the original story.

The post included: "Our company has serviced the Rochester community for 25+ years and wants to make every effort to help those affected by this incident."

Schueler contacted the company and was told:

"This was just a fluke accident, they were hauling scrap metal in the area from a nearby business and it happened to kind of fall off the truck, as they drove down 19th street," Schueller said.

She said they are working towards repaying her for her tire replacements costs.

"As far as the reimbursement goes I'm just being told that they're working through the details with accounting," Schueller said.

KTTC was unable to get an interview with Alter Trading Corporation but was given this statement:

"The material was purchased and hauled by Alter Metal Recycling from a customer in Rochester. The cause of the spill and the best way to prevent it is still being looked at, but at no time was our customer at fault."

KaMaria Braye

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