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Oxygen highlights Jodi Huisentruit case

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MASON CITY, Iowa (KTTC) -- "Up and Vanished" premiered its second season highlighting the cold case of Jodi Husientruit, the former Mason City, Iowa news anchor who went missing and hasn't been found. This year marks the 25th since her disappearance in 1995.

The show is based on the podcast under the same name that goes digging around multiple cold cases, with scenes reenacted for television to add some dramatization. The show aired on Saturday but not without some criticism.

Steve Ridge, a private investigator and journalist says the show had multiple errors that the show highlighted including, "An individual said a key had been broken, it was not. It was a key slightly bent, there was no piece of the key in the lock. The palm print has been determined that it was not from a perpetrator." These were just two of the errors he noted in the episode.

Ridge also added, "A lot of people thought it was, perhaps much more like a television, news, magazine show rather than an entertainment show, and clearly it was entertainment and not fact based in many cases."

The show did bring to light a video from Jodi's birthday party, which took place right before her disappearance. It had never been made public due to it being "top evidence." No one knows how the tape was handed over to "Up and Vanished." Team Member Scott Fuller says the release of that tape was a surprise to the team, but says that all publicity can help the case. He noted, "We are consistently trying to get Jodi's name out there as well. So, anytime that there's a publicity bump like this we tend to receive some leads and it gives us some more avenues to pursue. Hopefully, it just takes one, and hopefully someday this, or something else will lead to an answer for Jodi's family and for the rest of us."

KTTC was unable to locate the newly public video of Jodi's birthday party, but both Ridge and Fuller say they hope that something can come out soon to help this case be solved and to hopefully find Jodi.

Zach Fuller

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