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Find Jodi investigators find renewed hope in solving Huisentruit case thanks to Minnesota radio personality

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AUSTIN, Minn. (KTTC) - With new interest stirred up by the Oxygen documentary "Up and Vanished", a team conducting an investigation into Jodi Huisentruit's abduction are hoping for new leads.

According to Scott Fuller of the Find Jodi team who lives in Austin, the recent documentary into her disappearance not only got a few facts wrong, but only focused on just one suspect.

In contrast, his investigation is ruling nothing out and believes the answer might be right under our noses.

"One of the things about this case being 25 years old is there is so much information out there about it and not all of it's true," said Scott Fuller of the Find Jodi Investigation Team.

What we do know for sure is Jodi Huisentruit vanished without a trace from her Mason City apartment, one morning in the summer of 1995.

While the group continues working with police, finding new leads or information can be difficult.

"There's a lot below the surface that doesn't get talked about or reported on. Sometimes it's not public information," said Fuller. "They keep this investigation very close to their chest and that can be frustrating at times from the outside as we're researching it."

Although the abduction happened in northern Iowa, the team believes those in southern Minnesota could also play a key role.

"Because we know there's local knowledge about what happened to Jodi here in this area," said Fuller, who is a radio personality for KAUS.

While there are main suspects, Fuller says the investigation team isn't ruling out any possibilites.

"The thing that's unique about Jodi is that she was on television and she was also in the phone book," Fuller said. "Her address and phone number were in the Mason City phone book from 95. Jodi has a circle. It could be somebody connected to that. It could be anyone in the Mason City area because she was on television."

Fuller considers all theories but says he doesn't think it's likely Jodi's kidnapper was a random person.

He also says it's even less likely that she is still alive.

"To anyone who says she's on the beach somewhere, I would say that Jodi wouldn't do that to her mom or sister," said Fuller.

The Find Jodi team stays in contact with her remaining family and hopes to keep her in people's minds.

"Everybody I've talked to about Jodi tells about how fun-loving she was and how genuine she was with people," said Fuller. "In terms of her news reporting, she had lofty ambitions for what she wanted to do."

It may be a cold case, but he believes Find Jodi is getting warm when it comes to new leads.

"We have hope. We have faith," confirmed Fuller. "If we didn't, we wouldn't be doing it."

Before joining the investigation, the radio personality highlighted the case in his podcast, Frozen Truth. He says a Find Jodi podcast will be released close to the 25th anniversary of her disappearance, June 27th.

Anyone with information is urged to contact the investigation team here.

Alex Tejada

Alex Tejada

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