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Iowa Democratic Party Announces Results of Official Recanvass Request

DES MOINES, Iowa (KWWL) -- The recanvass results still have Pete Buttigieg at the top, getting 14 national delegates.

He is closely followed by Sen. Bernie Sanders who will get 12.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren will receive 8 delegates, Joe Biden 6 delegates, and rounding out the top 5, Sen. Amy Klobuchar will get 1 national delegate.

The IDP reported corrections for 26 precincts where a misapplication of the rules affected delegate allocation, and 3 precincts where the reported final alignment did not match what was on the math worksheet.

The remaining records of results that were requested for review were either accurately reported initially; corrected in the previous review; represent precincts electing a single-delegate from the caucus as a whole; or reflect math inconsistencies that are not covered under the SCC resolution.

The list of recanvassed precincts and changes can be found here.

KTTC Staff

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