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DIGGING DEEPER: How you voted in the Minnesota primary

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MINNESOTA (KTTC) -- With Amy Klobuchar dropping out of the race the day before Super Tuesday, her endorsement pulled a lot of weight in the results. Joe Biden won 10 states and Bernie Sanders won three with California still too close to be called.

Delegate totals are not available at this time but it is projected that Biden has a 527 - 475 lead over the Vermont Senator. Biden's biggest margins of victory came in North Carolina and Virginia and he won Minnesota with almost 39% of the vote.

"I was so proud yesterday being embraced by Amy Klobuchar. We won Minnesota because of Amy Klobuchar," Biden said at his rally in California on Monday.

78% of Minnesota voters said they would have been satisfied with Amy Klobuchar as the nominee on the Democratic side, however 95% of voters said they simply want a nominee who can defeat Donald Trump. 84% of voters said they will vote blue regardless of if their choice wins the nomination or not.

"I think we are all looking for a candidate who can beat Donald Trump, and in my heart I believe that Joe [Biden] can do that," said Corey Day, who is Biden's Senior Campaign Advisor for Minnesota.

So how much weight did Amy's endorsement carry? 54% of voters said they made up their mind on who to vote for in the last few days before Super Tuesday, with 56% of those votes going to Joe Biden.

The biggest issues on Minnesota Democrats' minds are health care with 39% and climate change with 28%. The next closest item is the economy at 10%. When it comes to health care, 68% of voters say they favor a single payer health care system, which is being touted by Bernie Sanders.

The last stat to look at: voter age. In this poll, the highest age group is between 45-64 years old at 36% . Second being 65+ with 26%, and 30 to 44 close behind at 25%. The age group that is heavily leaning Sanders, the 18 to 29 year olds made up 13% in this poll.

"So I think there's that clear divide where you see people who are really engaged and really interested and they want to help shape and be involved shaping politics moving forward. Then there are people who do sadly fit in that stereotype of just not really following through and just not really being too interested," said Bobby Goldman, a Minneapolis resident.

Democrats weren't the only ones voting on Super Tuesday, but with Donald Trump being the only candidate on the ballot for the Republicans, he automatically won Minnesota's 39 delegates. Trump currently sits at 859 delegates and needs 1,276 total to win the nomination for a second time.

Zach Fuller

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