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Charter House resident says 3 employees test positive for COVID-19

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- On Sunday, a Charter House resident shared her experience living in a facility where staffers have tested positive for COVID-19.

Joyce Gibbs has been a Charter House resident for 3 years. She said staff members gave a resident a notice with the words "Urgent."

"The second case was told to us on the 14th. And the third case was told to us on the 16th," Gibbs said.

Gibbs said staffers made sure to tell the residents the cases were not a threat to them.

"They assured us that the staff people that tested positive were not in direct contact with any of the residents," she said.

In a statement to KTTC, Charter House confirmed none of the cases involve residents and that the risk of exposure to residents is low.

Gibbs added the facility had already made several changes ahead of the positive test results.

"The changes are that we have been requested to stay in our apartments, we are requested to stay on our floors, also we are requested if we leave our apartments to wear our masks, and everything is delivered to us so we don't have any complaints," Gibbs said. "The hardest parted for me is not being in control of my mobility."

But on the bright side, she says employees are doing their best to keep spirits high.

"Little extra things really make a difference. On the Thursday before Easter, the Easter Chick came and gave those who wanted, novelty ice cream, and then on Saturday evening the Easter Bunny came and left us a bag of candy," Gibbs said.

Charter House has resources to make sure its residents are okay.

"Every day we get a call from health services, and they just call to see if you're okay. They talk to you, see if you need anything. They never cut you off, you talk as long as you want. And just have a conversation to see if everything is okay, and I think that is really good," Gibbs said.

She trusts the facility has things under control.

"Everything that they're doing, I think gives everybody some comfort," Gibbs said.

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