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Underutilized bikes donated to individuals and Rochester organizations in need

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- Nearly 100 bicycles that were previously a part of the Rochester Bike Share Program now have a new home.

That's about half of the bikes in the program. As it turns out, the bikes weren't really being used so a number of Rochester organizations worked together to give the bikes to 35 people and 10 organizations who could use them.

"The Rochester Public Library previously had their bike share program and there was just a decent amount of bikes that weren't fully being used through that program, so some community partners really came together to look at how we could utilize those bikes for this community in a better way," said Rochester Sustainability Coordinator Lauren Jensen.

And now about 100 bike are being handed out.

"Really just to get them out there in the community to the people that can use them the most," said Jensen. "Those who maybe don't have a mode of transportation through a vehicle or it just doesn't have easy access to public transportation, or things like that. We really looked at the applications and who applied and who could really use this bike for personal reasons and in terms of getting around."

Selected recipients watched a quick bike maintenance video before being handed the bike. They also had to agree to not resell the bike and to fix it as necessary.

"We looked at people who needed this and people have just been so thankful for it and just really excited to take the bikes away," said Jensen. "We already heard from other people in the community, how can we expand or do this further. You know, we had 180 applications, people who applied for these bikes and only 35 to give out."

"It feels pretty good, I've been bikeless for a while and I bike back and forth to work." said recipient Jed Moran. "I think it's a wonderful program to have for people who don't have any way to get to work or just get their groceries for that matter."

Rochester Public Schools, 125 Live, Family Services Rochester, and Recovery is Happening are among the ten community organizations that we will also be receiving bikes.

Sarah Gannon

Sarah Gannon

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