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25 YEAR ANNIVERSARY: Jodi Huisentruit’s friends share fond memories and case leads at memorial

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Former KIMT morning anchor Jodi Huisentruit

MASON CITY, Iowa (KTTC) - June 27, 1995.

Today marks 25 years since the disappearance of Mason City morning news anchor Jodi Huisentruit. While her case is still open, there are no suspects but a lot of theories.

Friends and employers alike remember the lively 27 year old from Minnesota.

"She wanted to make friends," said college friend Kelly Boyle. "She was approachable and so much fun to be around. I think everyone was drawn to that."

"Great way to wake up with all that enthusiasm and fun," said Doug Merbach, the former KIMT news director who hired Jodi.

One morning, Huisentruit was late to work. Nothing was thought of it until she never showed for her 6 am newscast.

"I still hold our hope definitely," Boyle said. "The answer is out there somewhere."

Outside Jodi's apartment offered few clues, a partial handprint on a vehicle and a few personal items. However, those close to the case believe it can still be solved.

"We get tips coming in every day especially around the anniversary," said Scott Fuller of "We work those tips, take them in and communicate with law enforcement."

The theories range from stalkers and romantic interests to a police coverup or a runaway anchor.

"There's been crazier rumors than that I've heard over 25 years," Merbach said. "When I hear or read some of those things, I got to put it down or walk away because it's upsetting."

After decades of leads falling through, many still believe the answer is in Mason City, including law enforcement.

"They believe it's definitely possible that somebody knows something," Fuller said. "For whatever reason over the years they've been reluctant to come forward or intimidated in the past."

"That's hard to say," said the former news director. "If the answers were in Mason City, I think we would have come up with them by now."

Jodi was last seen at a golf tournament the night before she went missing . Her coworkers recall that she was quite skilled at the sport.

"That's the thing I remember the most, good quality time spending mornings and afternoons playing golf with Jodi," recalls Jodi's boss.

That night at the golf course, Jodi mentioned changing her phone number and had previously told those close to her that she might have a stalker.
Yet 25 years later, no one has been charged.

"I guess I just want the person who did it to know that they've hurt a lot of people," said Boyle, who spoke at the memorial on behalf of Jodi's family.

The website is releasing a podcast series on the case.
They hope to keep the case alive as well as introduce it to new generations.

Everyone at today's memorial say they still hold out hope for receiving answers, if nothing else.

Alex Tejada

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