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UPDATE: Health officials confirm COVID-19 cases linked to Dooley’s, second Rochester bar

UPDATE 7/13: Olmsted County Public Health officials have confirmed that the Minnesota Department of Health reported on Friday that 26 COVID-19 cases were linked to Dooley's Pub in Rochester.

MDH said 17 of the people who tested positive had attended multiple establishments, while nine people had only been to Dooley's.

According to MDH, six staff members were confirmed to test positive, and three of those staff members worked while infectious.

Health officials also said there were 17 cases of COVID-19 linked to a second bar in Rochester, with four people who tested positive saying they only went to that establishment. MDH said this second bar does not yet meet their criteria to release its name.


ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) - KTTC is now able to confirm the bar in downtown Rochester, where several staff and patrons tested positive for COVID-19.

A source told KTTC that at least thirty people have tested positive, all traced back to Dooley's pub in Rochester. We are told at least one of those people is now hospitalized.

Health officials are urging anyone in Dooley's between June 26 and July 7 to get tested for the virus.

When a bar reaches more than five cases, the state health department will release the name of the business, so people will know to get tested, since contact tracing is too hard to pursue in bars.

Health officials are keeping a close eye on a few positive cases at a second bar downtown Rochester, but a name has not been released yet.


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