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With pollen in the air, allergies could be flaring

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ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- In the Midwest we endure the winter months with the excitement for the trees to blossom in the spring.

For some spring, summer and fall bring about another challenge, allergies.

Mayo Clinic Allergic Diseases Consultant Physician Dr. Mansi Kanuga

Mayo Clinic Allergic Diseases Consultant Physician Dr. Mansi Kanuga said there needs to be what you're allergic to in the environment for those symptoms to be triggered.

But could the latest heat index heighten your allergies?

"While the heat might not directly interplay with allergies alone, if we already have these type of symptoms it’s understandable that heat can make these symptoms even more intense and difficult to manage," Kanuga said.

Since the pandemic began, many people have turned to the outdoors for solace, but Dr. Kanuga said it has brought more folks into her office.

"I am seeing a little bit of an uptick of those individuals reaching out and saying 'hey I can use some help managing these symptoms better,’" Kanuga said.

Among other things, one way to get your allergies under control would be to take over-the-counter medicine and plan your outdoor activity during the cooler times in the day.

"It is often nice to plan your outdoor activities during those early phases of the day before that heat index rises or even later in the evening as the temperature is cooling off," Kanuga said.

While allergies may affect everyone differently, Dr. Kanuga said if you cannot get your allergies under control, you should see your doctor.

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