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FALL SEMESTER: U of M student expresses frustration towards lack of a planning

ROCHESTER, Minn. (KTTC) -- With university students eager to head back to school, some universities are taking a pause to ensure students and staff are safe.

While some colleges are allowing students back for the fall semester, the University of Minnesota has delayed allowing students on campus or moving into dorms for two weeks.

The University of Minnesota senior Zakaria Muhidin expresses his frustrations not about the delay but disappointed a plan wasn't made earlier.

"Their finally implementing a plan and I think its just overdue because it should of been done awhile ago," Muhidin said. "They had time honestly because we stopped school in March and a lot of people haven't returned to campus. I haven't returned to campus so I feel like they should of have seen it coming."

As he begins his senior year at home on his couch, he is hoping students are not forgotten about as a plan is made.

"A lot of universities they will do whats best for them so I just say personally just keep the students in mind when making decisions," Muhidin said.

This delay impacts campuses in Duluth and Rochester. The first day of online school begins September 8.

Ubah Ali

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