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“Stop traveling to La Crosse,” says Winona County official; residents react

WINONA, Minn. (FOX 47) — On Tuesday, Winona County Emergency Management issued a travel advisory asking residents to stop going to La Crosse.

“We’ve been seeing an uptick in cases in LaCrosse and in consultation with our local public health and La Crosse’s public health we wanted to give word out to people to maybe temporarily stop traveling to lacrosse for social activities,” said Ben Klinger, Winona County Emergency Management Director.

UPDATE: We would like to make it clear that this travel advisory is to advise against traveling to La Crosse County for…

Posted by Winona County Emergency Management on Tuesday, September 22, 2020

He said, the emergency management department received some backlash for the announcement online.

However, Winona residents FOX 47 spoke to said they would be compliant with the county’s advisement.

“What are my thoughts? Not to go [there] right now, by car or bus.” said Cindy Thompson.

“I don’t plan on going until somebody says that it’s either a mistake or that they fixed it,” said Ralph Ian.

“I think it’s probably safer for the whole community and not spread the virus more than it is being spread right now,” said Abigail Thiele.

The state of Wisconsin is battling a high number of COVID-19 cases as it continues to stay in the red zone.

On Tuesday, The La Crosse Tribune reported the city averaged at least 117 new cases daily during the past week.

Klinger said he wants people to know the county is taking COVID- 19 precautions seriously. “We’re just trying to provide people with information about the large increase of cases and then with what we’re seeing for the planned gatherings this weekend is really our concern.”

He said many people travel from Winona County to La Crosse County for entertainment purposes.

Although the advisory is in effect it will not be enforced.

“It’s an advisory, not an order. Obviously, if you need to go grocery shopping so you can eat we don’t want you to stop doing that, we just want you to be safe,” Klinger said.

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