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CAMPUS DIARIES: How college students are dealing with the pandemic

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(KTTC) -- Being a student this year is proving to be a challenge no matter what grade or campus you might be on.

We're checking in with some of our campus diaries students to see how they're holding up against the pandemic.

University of South Dakota graduate student Diana Humble

"It's tough to make personal connections when you're not able to be within six feet of people," University of South Dakota graduate student Diana Humble said.

That's just one of the issues facing our campus diarists as they navigate this fall semester both in classrooms and as they try to stay active.

Ethan Humble is a student and athlete at Simpson College in Iowa and he said the only normal thing has been being able to play tennis again, just a little differently.

"When we play, we are not required to wear our mask which is really nice because we are able to socially distance enough on the courts."

Diana said her university has taken extra safety precautions even though there are not that many students on campus. For example, shutting down the Wellness Center or gym.

"All professors have plexiglass shields between them and the students who are there temporarily," Diana said.

College is a time for students to interact with one another, but Diana said she felt so lonely she took matters into her own hands.

"I got pretty lonely. So I got a dog and there she is," Diana said. "She's wonderful, but she's a good companion to have. She's not a replacement for friends, but she's an awesome addition to my life."

Its not ideal, missing out on all the fun, but it's a time students will always remember.

"This week is homecoming weekend at USD, and if I didn't get an email blast this morning, I wouldn't have known because things are so different. There's no football games. There's no tailgate. It really is a ghost town here," Diana said.

Ubah Ali

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