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Decision 2020: Early voting shatters records

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(NBC News) -- With three weeks to go until election day, more than 10 million Americans have already voted early, shattering past records.

Voters lined up for hours across Texas Tuesday for the start of early voting in the nation's second most populous state, one that's only allowing one drop-off location per county for absentee ballots.

Both candidates were on the campaign trail, stumping on each other's home turf.

Joe Biden reached out to older voters in Florida, a key group that helped carry President Trump to victory in 2016.

"His handling of this pandemic has been erratic just like his presidency has been, and it has prevented Florida's seniors, and others across the country, from getting the relief that they need," Biden told supporters.

The president held a rally Monday night in Florida, where he threw masks to the crowd without wearing one himself, or urging his supporters to, continuing to insist, without clear evidence that he's now immune to COVID-19.

"I feel so powerful. I'll walk into that audience. I will walk in there I will kiss everyone," Trump told the crowd.

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