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Does It Work: Chop Wizard

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"Say goodbye to messes, odor, and tears!"

For twenty-one dollars, the Vidalia Chop Wizard promises to chop your kitchen prep time in half with one swift motion. With a durable stainless steel blade, this chopping tool claims to produce uniformly diced fruits, vegetables, and whatever else you can find.

If it works, the Chop Wizard could be your new go-to kitchen gadget…but does it?

At Chester's Kitchen, they know a thing or two about efficiency in the kitchen. So we asked Chef Keenan to put the Chop Wizard to the test. Keenan explained the difference between the two blades: the wider one would be good for making a stew, the smaller for salsas.

Then we got chopping.

The small blade diced the avocado easily and uniformly, without leaving too much behind on the blade. The peppers took a bit more force to chop, but the Chop Wizard still provided consistent results.

Keenan was pleased with the uniformity and simplicity of the product but didn't think it would be practical to use in the fast-paced restaurant setting.

He did say that this would be a great item to use at home to serve your family, and even said it was something he would use to cut down prep time!

Chop Wizard, you pass the 'Does It Work' test.

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Amanda Morgan

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